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For Merchants:

Verified Honest®™ is accepting merchants to submit their website for approval to our site.

You can submit your listing for review and approval at

As a free merchant you can have your reviews linked to your site to display our 3rd party reviews.  You can also solicit for new reviews to be posted and approved at VerifiedHonest. 

We will not ask for your credit card to sign up and add your company. 

As a paid member, you will have the opportunity to respond to customer reviews publicly, and also have access to their contact information so you can also contact them privately.  We offer a mediator service for premium members where we contact your customer on your behalf.  See the example below for public reply:


We also provide a Feedback Widget to display your most recent reviews on your site.  You can see an example here in the bottom right hand corner of the browser:


Here is an example of the free import of reviews from Google Shopping, Ratepoint and Customer Lobby:


This is an example of our review widgets which you can use to display on your site, blog and social media sites:




If you are ready to be listed as a merchant and have your ratings imported, please send  an email or add your company here:


Admin can be reached by email:  info@VerifiedHonest.com
or phone    1-888-278-9436

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More About Us:

We provide a review and ranking system for consumers and clients of online businesses and professional services. We help maintain a level of honesty between clients and businesses. We also provide an Honesty Badge for providers of services and businesses to display on their website and marketing material. We monitor web sites, and create alerts and reports online, which are accessible by subscribers to VerifiedHonest.
Get setup and start reviewing companies or if you are a company/merchant start requesting reviews and testimonials and watch your business reviews ratings IMPROVE! It's a SNAP!

1.  Submit your company for approval by clicking Here

2. Set Up Your Profile page - This is the page that all of your approved testimonials will be displayed on. It's a snap to enter your website, company name, address and let your customers and prospects know who you are and what your business does. From here you will be able to customize your profile page with your logo and control the features and benefits that are displayed on your profile page.

Manage your profile page options:

  • Executive Profiles
  • Company Logo
  • Questions & Answers
  • Corporate Blog
  • Official Website
  • Business Contact Info
  • Corporate Overview
  • Customer Support
  • Social Media Sites
  • Meta Tag Management
  • Profile Page Layout

3. Customize Your Testimonial and Review Request Form - Upload your company logo and choose a color theme for your form. We've designed the rest to make it easy for your customers to submit and verify their testimonials and reviews to make them Verified Honest!

4. Customize Your Email Template - Personalize the messaging in the email that goes out to your customers when you are requesting reviews and testimonials from them. Let your customers know that you appreciate them and their support.

5. Select Verification Method - Your customers' reviews and testimonials can be verified by email or by our proprietary phone IVR system. With the IVR system your customers can instantly confirm and verify that the testimonial that they provided is true and genuine. Once your testimonials and reviews are verified then they receive the Verified Honest seal of approval and can be used on your website, blog, or any other marketing materials.

6. Create Email List - You can create an email list to request testimonials from your existing clients. Upload contacts from Outlook, Gmail and even Facebook and select who you want to request testimonials from. Once a list has been created you can manage the list and send follow up email request to customers who have not completed their testimonial request.

7. Send Testimonial Requests - You can send requests to an entire group or you can send out individual requests to your best customers. It only takes a couple minutes to send out hundreds of requests and you are on your way to getting Verified Honest testimonials. It's so simple you will want to do it every day. It's exciting to know that your customers appreciate your hard work and service and even better, we make it easy to share with everyone!