Statistics on using Verified Honest as a provider of Honesty Verification Services:

  • According to a 2008 North American Technographics Retail Online Survey, 82% of people consider user-generated reviews “extremely valuable or valuable.”
  • The Power of Positive: "4 out of 5 Consumers Reverse Purchasing Decisions Based on Negative Online Reviews" - Cone Research August 2011
  • Entrepreneur Magazine reported statistics that 80% of people say that their purchasing decisions have been directly impacted by reviews
  • In July 2007, Marketing Experiments Journal conducted an experiment where product conversion with and without product ratings were tested. Conversions nearly doubled when a product displayed a 5 star rating.
  • A survey by Synovate Research in September 2008 showed that 86% of online shoppers feel more comfortable entering personal information on websites that have trust seals displayed
  • Consumer reports found that 88% of online shoppers say that protection of their personal data is a top concern.
  • 71% of online shoppers in surveys report that it’s important to them to see a trust seal or logo displayed on a website they plan on doing business with, because they want to do business with a trusted site.
  • Review sites are second only to personal advice from a friend as the driver of purchase decisions; customer reviews are more influential than third-party reviews. (“Web users and web community,” Rubicon Consulting, Inc. October 2008)
  • 86% of consumers read online reviews sites before making purchasing decisions; 90% of whom say they trust these reviews. (Kudzu.com survey of 600 users, December 2008)
  • Almost two-thirds (62%) of consumers read consumer-written product reviews sites on the Internet. (Deloitte & Touche, September 2007)
  • When asked what sources of information they are “very likely” to consult before making a decision about their entertainment options, 62% named review sites as their top choice, even beating out a knowledgeable friend (59%). (Marketing Sherpa, July 2007)
  • Seven in 10 (69%) consumers who read reviews sites share them with friends, family or colleagues, thus amplifying their impact. (Deloitte & Touche, September 2007)
  • 74% agree-including 14% who strongly agree-that they choose companies and brands based on what others say online about their customer service experiences, the survey shows. (Society for New Communications Research, May 2008)
  • More than eight in ten (82%) of those who read reviews sites said that their purchasing decisions have been directly influenced by those reviews. (Deloitte & Touche, September 2007)

The benefits of joining and displaying the Verified Honest merchant Badge are clear:

  • Boost Shopper Confidence—Reassure consumers who may be concerned about the security of making online purchases.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment—Cut down on shopping cart abandonment due to security and trust concerns.
  • Increase Credibility— Align your company with one of the industry's best known honesty verification brands.

Market research for two different companies that provide rating and review services found their clients attained an impressive 10% to 30% increase in sales and response.

Here’s something else, research found that those businesses that were displaying trust badges on their websites on average were gaining an extra month’s worth of sales – each year!
For Merchants:

Through a Verified Honest membership, you will enter into an elite world of our VerifiedHonest company network where your company can be rated by your customers and you will be provided with the Verified Honest logo and date and time stamp to use on your website which will increase conversion rates and show off your Verified Honest status.

For customers:  Are the companies you are dealing with Verified Honest?


Additional Information For Merchants:

April 14, 2012

Verified Honest partners with Google to display 5 star ratings in Google Search!

February 15, 2012

Military Cruise Deals Partners with VerifiedHonest

Military Cruise Deals has chosen VerifiedHonest.com to collect consumer reviews on their behalf - Since signing up, owner Mitch Bank states "Without question, having Verified Honest on my website has improved my conversions."




The following images are screenshots of the "How it works" and Behind the Scenes at Verified Honest. 



1.  Customer performs a Google search:



2.  Customer clicks through to merchant review page at Verified Honest:




3.  Customer clicks link back to Merchant Page by either clicking the website, or logo at Verified Honest:




4.  Customer sees the right hand corner badge which Verifies the Merchant Listing. 



5.  Screenshots of the Merchant Dashboard.  This is the exclusive area where a merchant can login to solicit reviews, check statistics, receive updates, respond to customers, download data, etc.






7.  Additional Services.  This is the merchant badge and preview of the certificate once the badge is clicked:






Pop up certificate once the above badge is clicked

Other ratings services are raising rates with little notice!    Reseller's who use this ratings service have seen an increase of 10x's their merchant member fees


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