May 24, 2012

Verified Honest gets listed with CrunchBase, by TechCrunch!

April 14, 2012

Verified Honest partners with Google to display 5 star ratings in Google Search!

Google Search now displays merchant ratings that draw from Verified Honest reviews which also crawl third-party sites and display a star rating on the search page!

February 15, 2012

Military Cruise Deals Partners with VerifiedHonest

Military Cruise Deals has chosen VerifiedHonest.com to collect consumer reviews on their behalf - Since signing up, owner Mitch Bank states "Without question, having Verified Honest on my website has improved my conversions."

January 16, 2012:

Verified Honest is Saving RatePoint Customers!

Customer satisfaction surveys and reviews for product and service providers have been redefined with the launch of the VerifiedHonest rating and review network. This service enables a website’s paying customers to post ratings and reviews of their recent shopping experience.  Thus, garnering a reputation to show off online and brag about!

Verified Honest Wants to  Brag about your Online Reputation!
We all know consumers increasingly rely on social ratings and review sites before they consider doing business with any company -- including yours. So in addition to running your business, you now have to maintain your online reputation, and frankly who has the time?
 You have to MAKE time.  The only thing a business has is its reputation!
The importance of maintaining your online reputation is unmeasurable.  10 years ago there was no "Social Media" or a central place to check the reviews of a company. 

Statistics on the new "Social" aspect of your customers:
  • 76 percent of consumers read online reviews before trying a business.
  • Almost as many people (68 percent) rely on online reviews as recommendations from friends (77 percent).
  • 66 percent of people are interested in recent reviews.
  • Only 14 percent of consumers would go to a business that didn't have any online reviews.


VerifiedHonest offers a premium affordable business model to help more business owners assess, monitor, and improve their reputations: You can sign up for an account that enables your customers to leave reviews about your compay and displays a public profile, or you can become a paid member to get more in-depth services.