If you haven't already, take a moment to submit your listing for approval to the company search to begin collecting ratings from your customers to display on your website! 

If you had an account with RatePoint, or have other 3rd party merchant review memberships (Paid or Free), and you want us to migrate your ratings here, please add your company above, then email info@VerifiedHonest.com.  We will then set our ReviewSpider
®™ to crawl these sites and import your reviews. 

Managing your online reputation; Tips for Reviews Success:

1.  Ask for reviews - Be sure to always ask for reviews as a part of your closing process and service experience.
2.  Make reviews a part of all customer follow-up - Whether by mail, email or phone let customers know their feedback is important.
3.  Motivate your staff - Emphasize the importance of reviews and motivate your entire staff - whether sales or service - to get reviews.
4.  Manage reviews - Monitor, share and respond to reviews - both positive and negative - to build your online reputation.
5.  Be true to reviews - Credible reviews are the best reviews - don't post fake reviews or offer customers incentives to post favorable reviews. 
6.  Offer incentives only for the customer taking the time to leave you a review - your customer's time is valuable, incentivize their time.

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